Monday, October 16, 2006

What's in a NAME?

Janis just bought a new purse. She finally found a black leather purse that she liked with the correct number of pockets, the right size for her mini laptop, etc... and so she called me to report. We have had many conversations about a certain brand of purses that I am in love with. The conversation went like this:
"I just bought a Perlina purse. Isn't that the brand you like, Nora?"
" mean, La Perla"
"No, its not La Perla"
"Wait, is it La Furla"
"No, its Perlina""
"O whoops, the one I like is called Furla"
Neither of us could get it right; intentional tounge twisters meant to decieve and confuse the public.

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