Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pie and Projects

Are you still working on your pie? I hope everyone is very thankful for the past week. Especially the leftovers. I know I am. I have not only feasted but had a wonderful rest with less work, my husband home, and my brother visiting for the week.

I had come up with a "Brother-Do" list before Brett came out ...and we tackled most all of it. Thanks to him my closet doors now work and my cabinet pulls are all tight again.

We also did some creating... Brett worked on frames for my birthday present. Brothers at their best--Peter provided the credit card at Home Depot and Brett the skills.

In the meantime, I finished a long-overdue project called "curtains". Brett asked, "Why didn't you do some of this stuff when you moved in?" Yeah. Thanks for the reminder. But curtains are expensive and time consuming. The one pictured below is courtesy of the great Uncle who provided fabric extraordinaire. I found some other perfect grey velveteen at (shhhh....don't tell anyone) Goodwill that offsets my dining room perfectly. More on those wonderful discoveries later....

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