Monday, December 04, 2006


The other word for it is: SCORCHED. No. I didn't get burned by sun tanning here in Arizona. Our weather has been colder than the East Coast. But I did a little "experience", shall we say, I had yesterday.
Some people think I don't have kitchen distasters. Well, yesterday wasn't my best day. After a late lunch, I put some beans I had been soaking to cook on the stove. I went and sat down at the TV to watch a little for a rest and promptly forgot them. Travis asked me about an hour later: "Honey, are these supposed to be boiling?" And I assumed he meant "simmering" but told him to crack the lid off so they didn't spill over.
But then about another hour later, I started to smell something. At first I thought it was, well, let's just say, an "odor". Was it the trash? Was it Travis? Was it me??? I couldn't figure out what the unique odor was.
And then Travis said: "Were you "refrying" these beans here on the stove?" OOPS. Guess it wasn't me that was the beans that had absorbed all the water and were cooking, or shall we say, burning on the stove. The pan is still soaking on the stove.
Then later after we went on a walk, I put some cookies in the oven. Forgot those too. Good thing they were on my baking stone. They didn't burn (usually I always burn one batch of baking items). They were just Travis' favorite: CRUNCHY.
As you can tell, there is no room for culinary superiority here. I burn things with the best of them.
(thanks to for the picture representing culinary excellence in Arizona from another random blogger...)

After those fiascos, I'm off to repair myself at the spa all day. No joke; we're going to the Willow Stream Spa all day. More details later.

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Janners said...

oh nora. we all have our days!

thanks for the special gifts sent via emily for my shower on saturday. i am sure they will all be put to good use ;)