Friday, December 01, 2006


This post is to commemorate many who have gone Europe. Jordan leaves today on his 17 day extraveganza through many countries and cities with his best friend Jordan. No, you read that right. The "Jordans" will be backpacking through Europe together-- riding the trains, navigating the countryside and sleeping in hostels. We can't wait to hear how the "Ratio" went... and he knows what we sisters were talking about. Or, he'll soon learn. We wish him luck and clean laundry. And we promise to keep the J's posted on the important news through our blog. This picture is from Thanksgiving where he "suprised" me by using the disposable camera I've had since Christina's wedding and was trying to finish.


iamchanelle said...

SOOOOOOOOo jealous! er, i mean, i hope they have FUN.

hee! :)

Anonymous said...

The "Ratio" has been probably higher than you would find acceptable, but to a man, totally fine....