Monday, February 05, 2007

Fresh beginnings

today I embrace the mercies that are new every day on this Monday to begin my week with fresh faith and fresh beginnings.
Last week was definitely one for seeing the unsanctified responses of my heart to circumstances....

Here's another "fresh" start to our week. I set up a table full of all sorts of green plants. Even though the grass and plants are all brown from the weeks' prior freezes, the eye craves signs of new life. I know most of the country is covered in some form of precipitation and cooler weather, but it feels like spring has sprung here. Today will be a high temperature of the seventies and we are going to enjoy this all week. We don't bank on it staying that way, but we do deposit some faith in warming trends this month. I also know it is spring because I can't stop sneezing.

I thought I had gotten the sneezing under control with strong fumes while deep-cleaning my bathrooms...but looks like I'll have to head to the store for good-ole' Claritin. I took the time to scrub my bathrooms with bleach and soap instead of the quickie cleaning I do with Target's Method sprays. They really needed it because we're having a party this coming weekend. More on that later... Girls, are you excited about the "switcheroo"??? I know I can't wait.

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iamchanelle said...

right there with you, girl. last week was for us.....well, let's just say i am personally glad that last week is over! :)

and yay for the switcheroo! thanks for scrubbing for us.