Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Goodbye to the Ranch...Hello to a Home

Travis and I signed the deal to purchase this home (all the way on the far right) yesterday. It is a triplex which means it has three large condos inside one building. We are in the process as well, of moving to an apartment at Ray/101 for the next 9 months while it is being built so that Travis can be closer to work and school. Jordan and some friends will move into the Ranch and bravely tackle home-ownership....I am just sad to leave this beautiful kitchen..hopefully not to be neglected by three males. Only 9 months though until I move into my own beautiful kitchen!
Here' s a picture of the interior floor plan:This is going to be a wonderful community when it is finished. There are going to be 2 miles of walking paths, 3 pools with whirlpools too, 3 playgrounds and it has a lot of lakes and green space. We are excited about this community because it is 1/2 a mile from the freeway exit and is in the midst (but not too close) to a huge amount of mixed retail going in around it. There is going to be a large upscale mall going in called "Kierland Mall" similar to one up in Scottsdale and of course I have to note: there is a brand-new Sprouts within walking distance from my house. For those of you from Maryland, it is similar to the idea of Kentlands, with smaller homes and retail very close to it, just not having retail within the space. It is a gated community so it is going to be very safe and we are going to be closer to all of our friends. We are very grateful to God for the oppurtunity to purchase a home and build some equity while the market is low, when we didn't believe we could in the first place!
Move in date: November 18, 2007... maybe it will be ready in time for my birthday!


Rachel said...

Yay! Congratulations... what happy news! :o)

iamchanelle said...

LOVE it. what a great floor plan and sounds like a wonderful soon-to-be community for you guys!

be sure to tell me when i can help!


Tara said...

what a neat place... I'm excited to see it and to have you closer!!

Andree said...

that is a super awesome location right on the new highway!

Janelle said...

SO excited for you guys!! Although I will miss your closet, I mean you being 3 miles away! :o)

Seth and Janet said...

i want one of those! so excited for your first home purchase and the best will be brand new and not some old 1970's montgomery village "fixer upper" i have my eyes on.