Saturday, April 14, 2007

Challenge, Overcome

Things I have always been timid about are: blood and throw-up. I don't stomach either well. However, when duty calls, I guess you just have to step up to the challenge.
On Tuesday night, my friend and I held a cholesterol/glucose screening, using real blood. Off real people. Off of real fingers. And guess who had to do the sticking and squeezing? Me.
Me, the one passes out almost every time my blood gets drawn (not from not being able to stomach it, but because I have low blood pressure.)
But I did it. I drew about 10 people's blood and successfully have overcome my fear of blood draws. At least, on other people. Guess I could have been a nurse after all.


Anonymous said...

Remember when you cut your foot so badly on Oma's sprinker? And when you fell out of the rafters and a nail poked all the way thru?

Love, Daddy!

KJP said...

Ok, that was gross...

Like your site though and recipes.