Monday, April 30, 2007

My sister and me

Emily, my sister, is one of the most thoughtful and empathetic people I love. We've shared some pretty special memories together over the years (in spite of all of the ones we fought) and she summarized many of them in this email she wrote to me. Love you my dear sister!
Note: some of them have been slightly altered so as to protect the identify of the blogger and aforementioned persons)
1. I love you for sharing gingerbread pancakes with me in the Caribbean
2. I love you for being the only girl I know who loves Anne of Green Gables' quotes as much as I do.
3. I love you for laughing with me about that guy in Pottery Barn who made eating noises at me on that one year's shopping trip
4. I love you for running the Army 10-miler with me
5. I love you for loving baked beans and mustard
6. I love you for the way you love to journal
7. I love you because it is so much fun to sing with you
8. I love you for loving me enough to laugh at me about the Ritual, "Guys, Guys, look at me!", and Smoking lead.
9. I love you because you are so adventurous, like when you and Laurie went to 7-11 and how you buy Heeley's and climb mountains and such
10. I love you for sneaking into Washington Grove Lake for midnight-swimming with me and Brett.

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