Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Update

Baby is growing... and so is mommy :) Just this week people started asking me if I was pregnant. It is pretty funny to tell them I am a little more than 6 months pregnant. But thanks to Mom for the good genes... we LOVE having a long torso right now. More room for the two of us to share. But not quite enough to wear all my regular pants. Even though I fit into my small dress pants on Saturday night for a fundraiser dinner with the Nams, I could no longer clasp them and they were tight. All those new pounds we've gained together.
In the past couple weeks the baby has been continuing to harden and grow it's skeletal structure. It has also grown some hair-- it now has eyebrows and lanugo (a hair all over it's body for temperature maintenance). Lanugo will be replaced by the vernix, a moisturizing film that will coat and protect the baby's skin while it is swimming for the next couple months. Other functions are developing like the first bowel movement, called meconium. We are sure this will not be the last...


Hayler said...

Whoa Nora! You should warn people before they read this post not to be eating. "Lanugo", "vernix", "moisturizing film", "meconium". These are not pretty words and not for weak stomachs. :) However, it was funny to watch Clay's reaction whenever he heard stuff like this.

Cara S. said...

Hi Nora,

I've been checking your blog for a while and enjoy your baby updates...we'll be excited to meet the baby in a few months! Have you seen the rubber band trick? It's a great way to extend the life of your non-preggo pants. Loop both ends of a rubber band through the button hole, and hook them around the button. It'll give you the extra half inch you need. And, long shirts cover up the ugliness!

As quickly as your baby is growing, mine are too! We celebrated Brady's 1st birthday Saturday, and Payton is on her way to 4...check out syersfam.blogspot.com if you want to see some pics.

Take care, your Colorado Cousin!