Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bored...and nothing to do...

Every read that Peter Spier book? One of the classics in our home about two boys who are grounded for their "ingenuity" around the home... like disassembling working machines and building their own airplane. Not a bad thing compared to the children these days who spend too much time watching TV.
I am bored with no more patients to see on a Saturday. This is my weekend to work. Only 2 more weekends after this...then I'll be free from working most Saturdays.
But I have to admit, I like the quiet. I like the way that I can visit all the floors and say hi to all my friends at work. Oddly enough, over the past two years I have come to really love the people here at the hospital. There are so many faces that I've come to know and appreciate, nurses especially.
The nursing profession is for the brave. I am not one of them. And thankful I didn't try to become one. I just don't have the patience for those special patients who say things like this:
"I have never followed a diet and I never will. You can just stop sending me food because I won't eat it".

Charming. Especially coming from a diabetic obese cardiac patient. It's their choice. Imagine having to take care of him for twelve hours. I'm grateful for my job.

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