Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some spiritual encouragement

From a transcript of Jeff Purswell's podcast on devotions:
I’m very pragmatic in my devotions. I don’t feel obligated to continue along a track that is not bearing fruit. Because of how cold I am in the morning I am desperate in the morning. Obviously, I think that is a gift of grace. But I just have this feeling because I am so cold I must meet with God, I must connect with him, I must be addressed by him. I must reach a point of faith for that day, knowing I have indeed encountered his presence, that the flames of affection for God in my heart have been stirred, that I have brought myself under his sway, and under the control of the Holy Spirit.
I want to continue to view myself as a desperate sinner and to believe that because I am so cold, I too must meet with him every day as well. Apparently John Piper says that everyday it is as if the Devil is sitting on your face. I have felt that as the fatigue of pregnancy drags my head towards the pillow at the beginning of every week. I am starting to realize that this is a pattern. The truth is: I need God! And I need him more than ever because the battle against the flesh will only become stronger as a new mom. I am grateful for the Spirit. What would we do without that power to overcome??

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