Monday, June 23, 2008

According to...

On Monday night, we were invited to the Shank's for dinner. Travis was working late and was going to pick up Emily after work. Janis prepared a great dinner with about the only protein I really enjoy right now: shrimp. Must be all those hormones needing cholesterol. 
So we were eating finished eating dinner, discussing the role of older women in the church after their children are grown and other interesting topics. My mom leans over and indiscriminately points across me to where Jordan was sitting and whispers "Can you pass that?"
All I could see was a lone crouton sitting on his placemat.
I burst out laughing, asking her, "You want the crouton??"
I thought, "I mean I know they're good, but to go fishing the crumbs of rejected croutons off someone else's plate is going a little farther than I realized she would go".
She wasn't really looking to snag the extra crouton, but it still made us double over laughing. The poor Shanks-- they must think we're crazy. 
Who knew a crouton could be so funny?

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