Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Update

My friend Becky calls it the walk of shame.
Well, I've walked it.
But I think I was glad to walk it...right home to my own bed, and not to a hospital bed.
I had very strong and regular contractions all Wednesday night (thanks to the full moon) and woke on Thursday with the same kind. We went to the doctor's and she checked me.
I was 4 cm and a little more effaced.
She told me to go to the hospital after walking 1-2 hours and if my contractions continued.
They did.
We waited even longer, then went in around 3pm.
They put me through triage and decided that I had progressed after an hour of walking to 4.5-5cm. But basically I was not in enough pain to keep me. So I went home. Ate dinner. Watched a movie. We went to sleep. At that point, my only thought was: "I don't want to be in labor right now, because I am just too tired." Thank you Lord we slept great.
So now we are back to start again. Still waiting.
This takes a lot of patience.
All I can do is pray. And walk.
So Travis and I are off on a walk.
And you can pray for us all.


iamchanelle said...

ooooh, the return trip home is the WORST. sorry.

will be praying for you'll be SOON, i know it!
excited for you!

Kelly said...

Just wanted to let you know I am praying for you! God has the perfect time for you and the baby. Once it is here and you look back you will still very clearly his hand and his perfect timing! Love you!

Kelly T

Anonymous said...

praying for you nora... walking is the last part of all pregnancies:)

love, ashley

Alivia's Momma said...

Nora...I did the walk of shame a full 15 days before Livi was born. I felt a mix of dissappointment (cause I wanted to see her face) and relief that it wasn't time for labor yet since I didn't know what to expect. Praying all the best for you.

Praise said...

Any baby yet??? I have been praying for you and thinking of you a lot this week. Can't wait to see pictures.