Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby Update: Week 39-- We're still here...

Just waiting for this baby to pop.
It seems comfortable in there.
Everyday we have a stretch of contractions for a couple hours, but then they die down.
Please pray so that Gigi and Grammy can get their grandbaby fix soon. They dragged me through the mall for three hours yesterday in hopes of accelerating the process with some "walking" therapy.
No crazy therapies for me though. We want this baby to come in God's timing.
We are just praying that the full moon tonight will pull it out :)


Sweet Home Colorado said...

Hi Nora! So I had a similar situation with Nolan...I was dilated to 3 or 4 for a few weeks. But he just wasn't ready to come out! Finally, I did the same as you, walked at an outdoor mall all day. Then I had a HUGE lunch, and I mean HUGE! And after that, there must not have been anymore room, and he decided to come out that night! So eat up girlie!

Ruth said...

I am so excited for you and will be praying for a safe easy delivery in God's perfect timing.

kerrin said...

Try sitting on an off balance washing machine. Worked for me.

Of course you'll need to off balance your washing machine with some shoes or something.

tessa said...

can't wait to hear how that full moon works out for you ;). praying for you guys!