Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Camping Essentials.

On Friday morning, the dialog went something like this:

ALL: Isn't the weather awesome?
CHUCK: It makes you want to have a fire. Or go camping.
NORA: I know! I was thinking about it the other day and this coming weekend is like the only one we have left before the holidays.
CHUCK : Love, where could we go camping?

(Ashley's already on the computer)
ASHLEY: There's Usury Park like 10 minutes around the corner. Fifteen dollars a night!
(Nora's on the phone with Travis, who shockingly says yes.)
CHUCK: Taylor, let's make a list. We'll need more sleeping bags...
ASHLEY: All right! If we're going camping, we'll need to make rice.

Yes, we went spontaneous camping. Not only did we go camping but one of the first things our dear Namies said they needed to do was MAKE RICE!! We couldn't stop laughing. The whole trip was a big farce. More on that later.

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