Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

I admit it.
I'm behind.
Why spend my time online when I can be busy with my dear family???
They were here a whole week enjoying the fabulous Phoenix weather and activities for Thanksgiving. The Nams generously moved into the MacKays and my family moved in with us.
We have officially dubbed the Nam's home "Nam-elback Inn" in lieu of the famous landmark Marriott hotel here in Phoenix called the Camelback Inn. My family laughed as we listed the amenities: individual rooms, comfortable beds, gourmet foods, great restaraunts, great shopping, free vehicles, swimming, cheap golf, tennis, a hot tub and endless free, instant movies (Thank you Scott for the Roku!!!).
Not to mention the spread we had at Steve and Janis' for Thanksgiving. They hosted a wonderful meal and day, filled with surprises and gifts. Despite the rainy weather, they entertained all 33 of us for dinner and activities with their usual class and grace.
My personal highlight was using my mom's new driver and having my first real drive on the golf course go farther than Chuck thought it would! I even bogied a real hole! If I had my mom's driver I would be at the golf course a whole lot more...I guess all the golf knowledge floating around here at the house has rubbed off on me more than I thought!
My family highlights included shopping at Target with Emily and my mom, sorting through the clearance section and the pile of clothes we dragged into the dressing room to try on and laugh through. Another highlight was seeing my brothers enjoy Kate, as they didn't have as much time with her in Maryland over the trip. Lastly, running with (or shall I say trying to keep up with) my little brother Brett in the new semi-annual JamKay 5K we ran on Thanksgiving morning (the name stands for Jansen, Shank and MacKay participants).
Here's a slideshow from the week:

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