Thursday, November 13, 2008


You'll fit in a two person tent. No problem.-- Jeff and Tina Zigler

It took an hour and a half to set up.
When Travis laid down in it, his feet stuck out six inches of the door.
We tried our hardest to fit a queen air mattress inside to no avail.
The wind picked up and Travis' air mattress deflated outside.
Then at one am, Travis crawled into our tent.
Coyotes were howling. The wind continued to whip around the tent.
Chuck was snoring and Ashley was giggling.
We tried to fit all three of us on a twin air mattress, which led to stripping all our extra layers off because we were so hot. Imagine that in the tent you'll see in the slideshow :)
After much shifting and trial, Travis then left the tent at 2 am for the car.
Then we slept.
Kate only woke up twice-- mostly because we were moving around so much.

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