Monday, July 20, 2009

Our version of camping

is staying in an old cabin in the woods, according to Travis who adamantly stated, "Nora, we will NOT be camping until all of our children are at least six."
We spent a wonderful weekend in Pine, which is about an hour and a half away..and about half the temperature of Phoenix. It even rained and we had a thunderstorm on Saturday night. We went with our friends the Ross' and Richardsons. It was an experiment as we had six adults and five children under five in a smallish cabin-- but we proved we still had them outnumbered :) Everyone did very well and despite our run-in with the accidental wall hot-water heater waking Kate up our last night, we had a blast. We even braved a hike to the Natural Bridge which was beautiful. It was only ten minutes away and the perfect amount of hiking for all the little ones. We brought a hot-dog picnic with us and ate on the rocks underneath the waterfalls while the little ones splashed around in the cold pools around us. It is a blessing to be out of the extreme heat and to witness the beauty of God's creation in person, not from behind glass or from a chilled home or car.
Here is Kate all cozied into her backpack--we borrowed from our friends, and she loved it. We can't wait until it gets cooler and we can take her on more hikes.

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