Tuesday, February 09, 2010

NOT snowed in...

Hope for spring is in the air here. News around the country doesn't sound so similar. My parents squeaked out of D.C. between storms on Monday night to arrive safely here in sunny AZ. We are enjoying sunny, warmer afternoons after a couple of weeks of unusual rainfall. Here are some pictures of my pots for all of you buried in pure white.

I bought a groupon for a garden shop around Christmas, in hopes of obtaining a nice pine wreath. A disappointing selection of greenery led me to buy hardy annuals instead. Only problem was that the javelinas thought they were a snack I planted for their enjoyment. In the small, lower container, they ate only the non-woody stemmed plants, leaving the root clumps behind on the ground. They left the scene of the crime, my front steps, a disaster, which my friend, Patty, said looked "agricultural". Fortunately they have left them alone since. Guess I shouldn't doubt their existence.

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