Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Can you believe I've only posted twice about this little boy? We have about 90 days to go and the thought that consoles me is that boys don't really want to read all the gory details of their in-utero experience like girls do. Here's a pregnant picture of me (by request) at almost 7 months.
My pregnancy has gone well this time, without any major differences. I am tired, which I expected, but it still suprises me. I realized that my pregnancy with Kate was only different because we lived with other people who did most of the cooking, cleaning, etc...all I had to do was light cleaning, laundry once a week and ironing. So it is no wonder that my home routine with a full-sized house involving cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, ironing added to the activity of a toddler is leaving me ready for bed so early!
He is constantly reminding me of his little life around eight pm, when I sit down at night-- I hope this is a pattern he will not continue once he is finally here! I tjink he is bigger (longer) than Kate as his little feet seems to run into my inner parts much sooner. And his head--o my. If his head is up (which I never felt with Kate) I can hardly breathe or eat...so I am expected a bigger headed, longer boy.
I may have a different allotment of energy for this baby but my heart has been more inclined to pray for him. I have sensed, with some trepidation, that God will call him to carry forth the legacy of the gospel from our families. We do not have a first named picked, but his middle name will be John, after Travis' great-grandfather, a godly man of faith. Both of our children come from strong families of faith. Both of our great-grandparents (our children great-great grandparents) have a strong and reliable heritage of a heart inclined toward faith in God.
I pray that for this little one, our first son, and the first grandson on both sides. I pray that whatever his name will be and whatever path he will take, that God would take hold of his heart and direct his paths.

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