Monday, September 11, 2006


9/11. Today marks the five-year anniversary of that day filled with disaster and death. Five years ago. We all knew where we were. Five years ago I was a sophomore in college, waiting to leave for class when the planes hit the Twin Towers. Five years ago; blocks of time that make me think about the time in our life. The moments, the days and the years are speeding up and flying past.
Job 7:7 says, "Remember that my life is but a breath..." When I think over five years, they seem like a breath. Birthdays are similar to anniversaries. Anniversaries commemorate events where birthdays are supposed to commemorate time. When I realize that my upcoming birthday is closer to 30 than it was to 20, I know time is gone and youth is on its way out. It produces a smaller, personal terror when your birthday reminds you that your time is a breath.
Today I am grateful that five years nor twenty-six years it isn't the span of my days or the number of them. God knows them them all. More importantly, I am overwhelmed at gratitude that this memorable date for our country has more life in it than death. This date is another anniversary for me--the anniversary of my conversion. Today isn't about five years since 9/11/01, but twenty years since 9/11/86. This week I want to recount not just five years of safety from terrorism, but twenty years of God's saving grace.
Each day this week I am meditating on a different aspect of God's Providence: today I am grateful for my health. All the illnesses, all the colds, the injuries--they have all been temporary. My body is breaking down slowly, but I have my health. In light of those around me with leukemia, I am particularly undone by God's mercy. I spent this morning thanking God for my health while praying for the healing of my friend's daughter, Alivia and for my friend Amy who is in relapse. A woman in our church Melinda also has leukemia and we are praying for her healing as well; she has four children and a wonderful husband Sam.
My project has been prayer. And a quilt for Alivia. Here's the progress Emily!
I finished resizing all the pieces to be the same (all except one worked) and have stitched them together for the top. I don't know how to sew a quilt, but I am learning. As I pray for patience as I sew, I also pray that God would use all our prayers together to provide a comforting, peaceful covering over our dear friends.

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Alivia's Momma said...

I'm sad...the picture didn't work. But I am so excited about the progress you seem to be making. Thanks means so much. Love you, e