Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dietitians Taste Reality

A "fitting" title my husband says. For those of you trying to still "fit" into your bathing suits, guess what? It's FALL! No more bathing suits. No more shorts. Like ESPN's great ad, "Think about what best... Who's going to win the Heisman, or legumes and zucchini?" This dietitian returned from a long day at work and was craving something...but as I catalogued the inventory of my fridge, I was not satisfied. I could not create any thing close to tempting. Over the thirty minutes between my car and my couch, there was an empty stomach. And an active mind. And The Native NewYorker. Let's get real here: dietitians don't go to places who are known for their homemade potato chips. I also dislike beef; the smell makes me nauseated.If you know me though, there is a crack in the legume and zucchini facade: potato chips. Over the weekend, I was also craving beef. I made burgers and pie, true to the holiday weekend. But the beef smelled horrible once cooked. So I ate pie. The reality was that tonight I was just craving something hot and easy. So I said to myself, "I'll eat 1/2 a burger and save the rest for Travis". But once it was cut in half, half was gone. I wasn't full. Wasn't even close. So I finished it. All of it. I bit into the reality of real 100% Angus beef burger and ate it. This dietitian loves reality.

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