Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Laughs

What could be better than to start off the week with a chuckle at our expense?
Here's the recent report on our combined blondness.
A few months back, Travis was called over to a customer's home who was concerned that his new grill wasn't working. This elderly gentleman could get his grill to work. Travis, who tries to provide excellent customer service, told him he would come over and look at it.
Now the truth is that Travis doesn't know any more about the grill's operations he installs than the homeowners themselves. But Travis did his homework and called the BBQ sales guy and got instructions that the battery can sometimes misfunction in the starter. When Travis got there, he turned on all the burners and tried to start up the grill;,click,click,click, didn't work for him either. So he took out his AA battery and reinstalled it into the starter box. Then he proceeded to press the starter button again. He leans over the grill to see if the burners light up...Click,click,click...BOOM
The way Travis describes it was that his hair immediately flattened against his scalp towards the sky as the cloud of gas exploded around him.
All of this while the homeowner was watching him.
Travis said to the man, "Well, I think it works now." he said with confidence.
Now my story is slightly more embarresing: on Saturday I went shopping at a large collection of "offbrand" stores like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, etc. On the way in, I saw an Einsteins Bagel place and stopped for coffee first which was in a strip mall in front of all the anchor stores in the same parking lot.. Vanilla Hazelnut coffee from Einsteins is my favorite coffee. Travis and I talked on the phone while I drank my coffee. We got into this serious discussion which lasted almost an hour. Then three hours later after I had shopped all the stores, I went to return to my car. I headed in the direction I thought I had parked in. I headed to Ross, which was the first store I went to. But as I went up and down the aisles, I couldn't find my car. So I backtracked and thought I had just missed it. I started to walk up and down every aisle, hoping I had just forgotten which store I had started at. But I couldn't find it.
You know how when you start to panic, you get less and less reasonable? It was 2:30, I hadn't eaten lunch after spinning class, it was 98 degrees in the parking lot, and my legs were starting to really hurt. I walked the entire parking lot once. Then again. And my cell phone was dead. But I powered it up for one more call and called Travis in a panic. He said, "What do you want me to do honey? Do you want me to come and get you?" I said "I don't know. I can't find it! I don't know what to do"
I saw middle-aged women exit some store and I approached her and started to tell her my story and appeal for help. Then I saw a security car pass by right at that moment, so I excused myself and flagged him down. He was kind enough to drive me again through the parking lot, telling me that they do see cars stolen from that lot pretty often. He gave me some water and he said we would have to look through all the lots before we called the police. That wasn't very comforting. Then as the water started to rehydrate my brain cells, when the car didn't appear, I said, "You know, the last resort is that I left my car at the coffee shop and don't even remember walking over here". We turned the corner and there it was, right in the front door parking spot in front of Einsteins....
We think our combined brilliance is really going to benfit our children.


brett said...

HAHAHA...the same thing happened to Matt Maka a while back with the grill. hope you're doing well, nora. love ya and can't wait to come out in November

Laura said...

Oh yes, I have done something similar, except I had thought my car was stolen from my work parking lot, called the police and then soon realized that I had parked in the overflow lot that day because I had come in late. Eek, that was humiliating, but fun to laugh at now ;)