Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meat Mishaps

So for all of you who think I cook four course meals every night, here's a story you might enjoy of our weekend entrees.

Saturday night: The Plan. I had some nice spicy Italian Sausage from a reputable grocer that was going to nicely complement my husband's love of pasta. We were going to have a delicious spicy ragu. As I sauteed the meat, my sensitive nose was turned off by the smell. I tasted it and it tasted like pork sausage. Knowing my tendency to dislike raw pork, I had the Sous Chef taste it. My husband said: "It's fine". So I proceeded. I finished the meal completing the pasta dish with a nice fresh lemon zest and black pepper and placed our two pasta bowls on the table. We prayed. We tasted. I couldn't stomach it. Then the opinion at the table changed. The Sous Chef recanted and decided it had a decided funny aftertaste. So we picked through the beautiful sauce and ate the pasta and pushed aside the meat.

Sunday morning: I awoke with a start. I realized in my early morning dozing that I had taken out the steak for our Sunday dinner and left it out. Now, in most states this would be okay. But not in Arizona. Even with our "change of seasons" where the monsoons have cooled off our desert surroundings, it is still hot. No amount of A/C can account for a steak left out to thaw. So here we go again. We are going to cook this steak: to WELL-DONE and try it.

Not my finest meat moments.

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