Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More blood

I'm pretty sure I'm safe from sadomasochism, but I did poke about fifty more people's fingers today at another screening. I guess we're saving lives, right? I even poked my own. My cholesterol is around 150-165 and my HDL came up from all the exercising I have been doing training for the triathlon. For those of you who think you are safe, check your cholesterol-- even preschoolers can suffer from high cholesterol. Here are the guidelines:
Total Cholesterol <200
HDL >40
LDL <100
Triglycerides <150
Ratio <3.5 for women

For more information on cholesterol, go to the American Heart Association website.

1 comment:

EJJ said...

Excellent. You can prick my finger to figure out my cholesterol when I come out in 3 weeks. Maybe you won't make me faint.