Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yes, we're back from another vacation. This past weekend, instead of going to Flagstaff for Together '07 (which was cancelled), we joined our friends, the Ross', on a trip down to Tucson. We enjoyed a resort at the summer prices and low summer capacity for two nights of kings beds, cooler pools and shopping. (The boys would add cable tv and Man vs. Wild-- we basically couldn't find them every afternoon because they were watching it again.)
And of course...what vacation would be complete with out eating. (Rachel don't read... we don't want to make you more nauseous :) Here's the Roadfood Report: Apparently the place to go for breakfast in Tucson is a greasy spoon called Jerry Bob's. What a name! and what a great little spot! It was the kind of place full of "specials" written on a whiteboard above the window open to the kitchen. Coffee was served in old brown 70's earthenware mugs and all the tables had some formica or vinyl. We all choose to partake of the diner classic: we all ordered some form of eggs and hashbrowns. The hashbrowns were great--soft but perfectly golden and crispy on the outside and my egg white mushroom and swiss omelet was delicious. It was a great way to meet the locals too. The fire department was parked outside on the sidewalk table and there were old and young alike lined up for tables for a hearty Saturday morning breakfast. It was a true small town feeling-- We even ran into a friend of Becky's. Everyone of course oohed and awwed over the baby-- who could help it? Becky glues a pink bow onto her forehead almost every day-- no one can resist that!
The next day we tried something on the other end of the spectrum-- a white table cloth brunch at a placed called Bluefin where I enjoyed Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes and everyone else enjoyed some form of eggs benedict. The boys had a version called Lobster Eggs Benedict that was delicious.
But probably best of all were the people we shared our meals with. Being around the table with our friends, Matt and Becky as well as Becky's family, reminded us of the Lord's generosity to give us such wonderful friendships. Every one of the Lambros' have a wonderful way of making you feel like family and Matt and Becky model it as well. We are so grateful for their generous spirit and love. Thanks friends!

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Rachel said...

A trip to Tucson... I'm jealous! I do miss that place... although maybe not in July! :) You were right about the food... hearing about food either makes me feel sick or feel like 'i have to have that!' The thought of an omelette and hashbrowns made me a little queasy, but the description of the pancakes made me want to hop on a plane for Tucson! ;)