Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Different Kind of Construction

I needed a pack and play for my friend's kids.
So I bought one on craigslist. Imagine this.
Two men meet for the exchange at a Home Depot.
One man is my husband. The other is the brother in law of the seller.
I instructed my husband to inspect the item for damage or missing parts, so they open it up.
Two men wrestle the pack and play open.
They can't get it to open all the way.
So one man calls me. The other calls the brother, the husband of the seller.
An amusing thought:
Two men in a Home Depot parking lot wrestling with a pack and play, unsuccessful trying to open it, on their cellphones receiving assembly instructions.
I would have paid good money to see that one. Or to know what the thoughts of a passerby would be.


kerrin said...

ahh. i can't blame them all that much. i've had the occasional urge to chuck one of these out the window for it's rubix cube like operation.

Heather said...

That sight would have been priceless!

kerrin said...

that's a good point that i mentioned before!

oh yea, i'm not buying the whole "i was getting it for my friend" thing... stop trying to hid the obvious!

Jon said...

hey nora, i know all about pack and play now! i started a blog about the kid and our d.c. life, and you're on my blogroll (one of 3 right now) hint hint - http://runnytonguesdc.wordpress.com