Friday, October 19, 2007

A Hunting We Shall Go

It's fall. Many of our friends are hunters. One in particular. Clay Richardson will head off soon for his annual meat hunt for the year.
Travis is doing a different kind of hunting. Many of you know already that Travis is out of work right now. And I have been asked for some updates. So here's the count so far: several interviews, several possibilities,lots of networking, and a couple of rejections.

After almost two months the results are still out there. He is still waiting to hear from the Diamondbacks now that they are done with the post season. They are interested in offering him a part-time internship of sorts (undefined yet) doing finance work. But...we haven't seen anything formal. There is also a possibility with medical sales, but that won't be until they reassign terrotories (possibly first of the year). He's also made some meaniful contacts in the heathcare industry. A friend at school told him about a job at the state in finance. And a friend at school told him about a finacial analyst position at Merrill Lynch which may be interviewing next week. There are also lots of jobs he's interviewed for that would open up for a MBA graduate.

Just nothing yet.

We knew when Costco turned him down, God must have something unique in store for him.
Maybe it's JCrew.
For that, I love my husband. I respect him even more. It's a sign of true love when your husband is willing to work a job just to buy you cool stuff that you want :) Because, let's be honest: would you really want a discount at Costco??? Have you seen the fall JCrew collection???

In truth, this test is an exercise in patience. Hunting is about waiting. Waiting for the right shot, the right time, the right angle. Right now we are waiting for the real bucks. Literally.


Tiffany said...

And you are in our prayers as you hunt and as you wait. God is honored by your desire to please Him during a difficult season!

meg said...

Praying for you, friend!

Brie said...

Hi Nora,

We'll be praying for Travi's job situation. I got on your blog to get an update on ya'll and it's so nice that you're very faitful with writing! (Unlike me)

Facebook seems to be a little easier for me.

I like your new hair cut! Cute! Keep in touch!

Tara said...

I've been praying for you guys Nora! Thank you for your God honoring example!