Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dinner and a Movie

Last night, I planned our date night... it was supposed to be a surprise, but when you plan it with some of your very best friends, inevitably it gets out (thanks Matt). Matt and Becky Ross joined us for dinner at the Elephant Bar and then to see 3:10 to Yuma.
At work a few weeks ago, we had a really crazy week while my boss was away...and I was the only one there to deal with it. So my boss rewarded me with two movie tickets and some red tokens which you redeem at HR for gift certificates. So, we had dinner and saw a movie for under $40 for both couples!
We all agreed the movie was GREAT. For those of us who grew up on old westerns, it definitely fits the mold even as a modern remake. It still has a lot of the same flavor that old westerns do: good dialog, cruel posses, good horseback races, lots of guns, and a shoot-off. But what was neat about this film was that it also mirrored some of the character development found in old films: leading you to wonder more about the characters and their connections, as well as character development that stands behind the old truth that people can change. Overall, we thought it was a great (adult) film; even a good date night movie that pleased both sexes :)

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