Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baby Update: Superwoman Steak

This is more of a mommy update today. I have to post what happened last night. So, all day yesterday, the beginning of my work week at the hospital, I could NOT stop yawning and felt like I needed a nap all day long. As I thought about it, I though to myself I might be starting to get anemic. This is pretty common in pregnant women who are doubling their blood volume.

I don't usually prefer beef (unless it's my mom's flank steak) and don't choose to eat it very often. I think the last time I had beef was when we first moved into the Shanks and we had pulled beef sandwiches. Anyways, I was thinking to myself "I really should eat some beef tonight". For lunch I had a large spinach salad with raisins (both sources of iron) but I don't usually eat meat at the cafeteria here at the hospital. I had seen that Janis had on the meal plan "Grilled Beef/Chicken and salad". So I thought I was covered.

When I got home, she had purposely not prepared beef, assuming that we had steak salad from a restaurant that Saturday. She and I laughed. Then she asked if I wanted Steve to go buy me a steak. I declined. They insisted. So, the loving father-in-law Steve went and bought me a steak. I ate it...with gusto. It tasted amazing. The family had Chicken Marsala, I had steak.

This morning I felt like Superwoman. No out of breath moments or unneccesary yawning yet.


Andrea said...

hi nora - so if one is feeling sleepy or "yawny" during the day that could be an indication of low iron? i have been declined at the blood donation center the last 4 times i've gone b/c my iron levels aren't high enough and i often have "yawny" days. so maybe i need to eat more iron rich foods! besides beef and spinach, can you recommend any other iron rich foods?

wss said...

i will gladly grill you (two!) steak anytime!



tessa said...

i love how well you know your body's nutrition. impressive.
keep the nutriotional wisdom coming. i'm reading :)

Kelley Murphy said...

I'm anemic and it's definitely made worse by pregnancy. With Keara, I craved beef all the time. Someone told me to try egg yolks, but I think I'd rather feel "yawny."