Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daddy Uncensored

So I had a list of things to talk about last night with my husband over dinner, when I had his undivided attention. Except for his emails.

One of the questions I had for him was about which stroller to put on our baby registry.
We were looking at BabysRUs debating over the merits and monetary value of these necessary items, when he couldn't help himself any longer.

Have you looked at some of these stroller names lately???
Here are some of Travis' comments on a few of them as he perused selection.
"Zooper Salsa"-- is this for the population that can't pronounce 'super'? and why name a stroller after salsa?
"Quinny"-- is that a real word?? and what does it have to do with babies?
"Bugaboo"-- people are getting paid to sit around and think up names like this?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what's more offensive? the silly names? (trust me, tons of parents call their babies the silliest of names).. or the PRICES for babystuff.. the retailers are just about fishing out of a barrel with wide-eyed new parents...

btw, i think you should consider a high-end ultra LIGHT stroller as part of your registry - it's a pain lugging a heavy stroller around..