Thursday, October 09, 2008


One of the wonderful things about being at my parent's home is thoroughly enjoying true fall. Fall decorations, weather, sweaters, socks and crisp apples. The light is golden in the morning and afternoon. The sun remains a friend throughout the day that you don't have to hide from like in Phoenix. Most of all, I enjoy what we call in Dutch hezlig. It is the most cozy, homey atmosphere you can imagine. Every time I come back, I am more convinced that my mother's home is the most beautiful home I have ever seen. Even the painter giving an estimate on Monday said the same thing. Her color palette, the mixed new and old, the ever changing all is so homey. I can't wait to mimic her someday again with my own home. Even the front porch is a still life waiting to be captured. And who better to bring it to life than my little girl?

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kathy lambros said...

What a sweet blog about your home and your mothers touch to make a house a home that is so special to her children I hope my kiddos feel the same