Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's around the corner...

Christmas will be here soon. October always makes me think of Christmas shopping, because classically my mom and sister and I would head out for an early start during our "girl's shopping trip". Now, we didn't always do just Christmas purchasing, but I have determined that at least I need to get a headstart with idea planning. My friend, Emily H, has some great ideas. I also am really into using Etsy for my shopping, as the mall is even more overwhelming with a little one. It is like shopping Anthropologie but online, and for less.

You see, I have to do shopping this month. I have all our families' birthdays clustered together, the majority of them being in the fall, which is then followed quickly by Thanksgiving, holiday preparations and then Christmas. So, I am looking and gathering and planning away. Some of my ideas are: Emily's barrette holders for little girls we know (shh... don't tell them) and her suggestions to use Etsy. I am also going to start shopping for the books I want to give all of our other little friends. There is another discovery I made the other day while I was shopping, called Francesca's Collection. They have all sorts of "boutique-y" items but for a lower price point. I saw their store down in Gilbert and really like some of the things they had. If you need ideas for cool baby toys, Emily showed me this link to Moolka. I have had a really hard time finding good infant toys that aren't overly much, so this is a great site. I think I am going to place an order because I have another baby shower coming up.


Lauren Lotinsky said...

I did Etsy last year for birthday and Christmas gifts. They have the most unique, one of a kind gifts.

Alivia's Momma said...

Your barrette holder is done and on my etsy. Just make sure you put your address in when you buy it because I think I have an old address for you.