Saturday, May 23, 2009

The envy factor is over. Beautiful winter and spring moments are two months behind us. No more sunny and seventy. We have already seen one hundred degrees ten times or more. What time we spend outside is mostly in the pool but no matter what, we try to get out a little before the real heat sets in. Even the green haze over our dry earth has shriveled up and blown away. It isn't about damp cooler evenings in June here; it is shiver of cold air-conditioning after your afternoon dip in the pool. I enjoy this part of our early summer. It is the months ahead that I try to ignore- the endless amounts of radiating pavement, the hot wind, and the dust storms. This week we have had a welcome relief of two rainy and cloudy days. Those are rare indeed and it reminds me that I do love dry heat, not the humid pressure of moistness I grew up breathing. The rain brings a purity and sweetness to the air, sending earth's fragrances into the air. I miss those smells of moisture-- cut grass, rain, wet pavement, and mulch.
I cannot wait to reinvent them in my own backyard.

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