Saturday, May 16, 2009


Despite what you might initially think, PLT is not a new take on the classic "BLT" (although I will admit that I have an inordinate fondness for bacon.) 
When I read my baby journal that my mother kept, she was very prolific with her use of "PTL" which in our early church culture was short for "Praise the Lord". 
Today I have my own cheesy shorthand---why? Because as a woman and mother I am quickly aware of how precious is my time.
I woke up acutely grateful for a good night of sleep, a healthy and very busy daughter, and a new house to own in one week. These gifts are made beautiful at moments when you slide your house key on your key ring for the first time. Or when you daughter runs smilying to you with her new teeth popping out. Or how her face beams when she takes her first lick of cookie dough. 
They are priceless moments.
Precious times.
Praise the Lord.

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