Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm eighteen.
Josh Harris has this conference called "New Attitude".
I go. I meet people. It's the best thing ever.
Now it lives on as "next".
My sister sends me a video text with Riley playing worship.
I'm a little jealous, I must admit.
It all comes back to me.
The butterflies in your stomach, the dimmed lights, the band music swells.
All I can say is that I knew John Riley way before and that we sat on a slouchy couch in Philadelphia and he played his guitar and sang right next to me. Let's just say he is way better than any Chris Allen.
Don't you miss that part of your life sometimes? The drama, the intrigues, the girls, the boys.
It was so much fun.
A little part of me still thinks I'm not that old to be so far away from that scene.
But reality states my little brother who is ten years younger went this year for the first time.
And then I crawl into bed next to my husband's warm body and think, this is better.


Andrea said...

oh man, i totally hear you. this is the first year since i was 18 that i didn't go to New Attitude/Next. it was very weird. (esp since both my parents went!) i missed it, and was a little bit jealous, and have tons of memories from that conference over the years. but i always wanted the one reason why i didn't go to be because of a man. because i was married or getting married. and yeah, being right where i was this past weekend (with zach, in pasadena) was hands down, so much better. we're not married yet, and we'd both still love to go back to the conference one day as a couple (we'd hoped to go this year but it didn't work out), but... yeah. it was a fun season, and there are elements of it that i miss, and probably always will, but i love right where i am, and must say that i think it's so much better, too. :)

connie j said...

hi nora!

just stumbled onto yr blog for the first time and this is the first post i read. perfect.

this weekend was the first conf. i missed, since i'm planning my wedding. :) yep. better.

God was good then just as he is today.

hope you are well!

Christina said...

I can definitely identify with everything in this post :-) I love those memories, have moments of wishing I could go back, and then realize how good life is now, too--just different. Maybe we can go back some day as "adult volunteers"? Yes, let's...