Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beautiful Biscuits

Here's my recent (and only) meal that I cooked this week. Some may think that I pull gourmet meals together every night. But you're wrong. I cook. Occasionally.
But I had a surprise day off on Friday and I cooked up a delicious meal for a cold and rainy day. What could be better than Hot Turkey Tenderloin and Vegetables in a Herb and Butter Wine Sauce with Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits...
The reason: I have been reading Two for the Road, the book about road food, and they talk alot about southern cooking. Especially about hot rolls and buttery biscuits. So I had to try. We grew up on healthy foods, but once in a while my mom would pull out the cans of store-bought biscuits that would puff up so flaky and huge in the oven. Yum.
So I turned to Cook's Illustrated online. I subscribe to their website in order to access all of their scientifically perfected recipes. It is a source to turn to when you know you want "flaky" biscuits instead of "fluffy" biscuits, or "chewy" chocolate chip cookies instead of "crispy" chocolate chip cookies. Things like that.
And they turned out perfect. The trick is in the cutting in of the butter (very coarsely in thin pats) and then folding the dough in thirds like you would for puff pastry. It worked! Yum.


Rachel said...

Yum... those look great! And I am inspired to read Two for the Road as well... I've been reading more with the hours Jeremy is working... but I am terrible at picking out good books myself so I am always grateful for recomendations! :)

Nel said...

These look wonderful. The whole menu sounds great, and making me hungry.