Saturday, January 13, 2007


We miss the has been covered for almost three days now. I realized when I was back East that the gloominess wasn't something I was meant to endure any longer. When we do have cloudy days here, you realize how much you miss the cheerfulness while it's cold. And yes, for you Phoenix-sceptic peoples....we do have winter visit us every year. Today it is highs of low 50s. That's cold for most here; cold enough for me too. Yesterday I went on a long run and it started to rain-- the lack of precipitation is something I miss more so.
But we did have more "sun" than we expected these past few evenings. On Tuesday, Travis took me to his new office downtown and then to the Phoenix Suns game. My first pro basketball experience was great. After a long absence of any live basketball viewing, I loved it. Then, by suprise, we were offered more tickets on Thursday night, Travis' birthday. We saw LeBron James play against our Suns, and fail miserably in his effort to dominate.

The games are very exciting and well-produced. On another funny note, I noted a funny observation. As I looked around, almost all the women were dressed to the nines on Tuesday night. They had their designer bags, their tight jeans, their big and sleek hairdo's...the works. I told Travis this and also felt oddly intimidated by the dress code. On Thursday I knew better so I tried a little harder than the tennis shoes/cords I had been wearning post work.

I realized that this arena is the only central event in Phoenix. Other than the malls and a few spread out restaraunts, there isn't any better place to be seen in Phoenix than the sports games. This is such a different mindset than the East. This kind of "shine" at the Suns game will be something I hope you can chuckle at with me.


Anonymous said...

Go Terps! Fond memories of UM vs Australian National, Athletes in Action, and oh yes, a few good games too......NC State, U Va, etc. Did I ever take you to a Duke game or did Peter always get those?

Thanks for the call yesterday! It brought some sun into our gloomy, rainy weekend!

Love Dad

Rachel said...

That's funny about all of the Phoenix women going to a Suns game to see and be seen... hard to imagine as I am usually overdressed for a sports game in a sweater and jeans! :o) One of my fun Arizona memories involved going to a Suns game with my dad, sitting in box seats that a friend of his had... It was my first and only pro-basketball game and it was quite memorable.