Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Early morning muse

So it's early. Yup. It's 5:21--- and I actually got up! I have had to work these past few days early, starting our day at 6:00 am. So in a few minutes I am going to jump into my car and head on down a very dark Chandler Heights. No sunrises yet. It is dark here until 7:30a and dark at 5:00p. The short days of winter.
In order to make up for this early rising time (4:30) I am sipping my coffee from my favorite big mug and eating a delicious bowl of Berry Oatmeal (oatmeal made with sweetened frozen berries-- yum! and lots of fiber too!). Somehow because of God's amazing grace, I am enjoying getting up this early. I think that 4:30 might be easier than 5:30. Five o'clock hours seem to slide right into 6a.
So here a quick shout-out to our dear friends to just say hello and good morning. Have a great morning filled with the grace given to His beloved children. Our prayers are with you (esp Brett for his chemistry test... imagine...a 10th grader taking an AP Chemistry exam) that all your needs will be filled by our good and glorious God.

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