Friday, January 19, 2007

A New Inspiration

I am reading a new book for Book Club called "Elizabeth Prentiss: More Love to Thee". Thanks to my mother-in-law for buying my book, which I am devouring. What a wonderful, inspiring book! Two quotes I have loved already:
My heart which is often so cold and so stupid, seemed completely melted within me, with such a view of His wonderful, wonderful love for sinners that I almost believed. I had never felt it till then. Such a blessing is worth toiling and wrestling for a whole life. If a glimpse of our Savior here upon earth can be so refreshing, so delightful what will it be in heaven!
Another one that I love:
I know myself to be perfectly helpless. I cannot promise to do or to be anything; but, I do want to put everything else aside and to devote myself entirely to the service of Christ.

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Nel said...

Nortje: This sounds like a wonderful book. I wish I was reading it while waiting for that lasagna to bake, good smells in the house and good words to inspire the spirit.