Saturday, January 13, 2007

Catching up...

Catching up on our lives here...After a couple weeks more of being back, we are still adjusting to Travis' new job, my added work hours and now we are starting to take some time for all those extra things. I finally got to do a little extra cleaning that had been waiting patiently for me and some organizing of the craft closet after the Christmas elves blew through.
And we've realized we have not posted a single picture of our trip back East!!! Due to a fortunate(?) accident, Nora booked tickets to DC, and then to DC again instsead of a return flight, so our stay was extended from 10 nights to 12 nights. This left us plently of time to do all sorts of fun things like seeing more of our family after the craziness of the holidays and see some friends. We want to thank my sister for most of all-- she gave up her bed for us and slept in Brett's room the whole time.
We had such a wonderful time with my parents and siblings, and of course we had a great time with my mom's extended family. So here are some pictures showing some of the things we did.
One of our favorites was the jazz club Emily took us all to the Tuesday before New Years-- we saw Amhad Jamal at Blues Alley downtown. My favorite moment was when Brett said of the pianist, "Man, what I would give right now to see his hands!"
The requisite FAMILY pictures...always a tripod hunt!
Cooking! Our favorite! Christmas evening walk in the rain.
Christmas Breakfast morning favorites: broiled grapefruit

Nora with Grandma The siblings
One of our traditions is to use Christmas crackers, a pull-apart tube that pops when you open it. It always contains a little toy, a joke or funny saying and a paper crown...thanks to Geoffrey, our British friend, we've this tradition for many years.

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