Sunday, March 11, 2007


If you think that I haven't been posting, you're right. When you work 47 hours and you're only prn -- which means "as needed", you start to crave being less needed. Therefore, there have been no fancy meals, no new recipes and no new activities.
Life skills become survival. I've managed to vacuum, exercise and eat. Those are the things that are admirable about my week. The less wonderful things have been that it was the first time I've vacuumed since I've moved in (gasp), I've slipped into the pool only to do 30 lengths (not quite those swim team workouts of the past), and we ate hot dogs.
But those were good :)
These are the great things about this past week- reading that Livi's transplant went well, seeing my mom and dad off safely (sad but glad for safe travels), the evidence of grace in our marriage to work out some conflicts on our own (shocking) and generally attentive inpatients (abnormal, let me tell you). I also found out good news. I decided against going to a weight management class in Portland this month because of visitors, and this week there turned up in my email of a new one-- in Baltimore in June. This would be something my bosses would pay for! Yeah! God provided a trip that I didn't think I would get back this year. I'm only sad I am unable to see Brett in Godspell
My current projects at work are National Nutrition Month promotion, developing partnerships with Head Start programs through a contact I made at a conference I attended this week to teach preschoolers about nutrition, and covering for everyone else who is busy or sick or maybe...sick of their job??
I'm not sick of my job yet. I am just grateful to God for his mercy to show me how self-focused I can become when I "have to do" something like work extra hours. Not my choice for sure, but my privilege to support my husband and our life together.
This week is no different-- more work. But Travis is on Spring Break! So maybe we'll get a post from the man...if we don't catch him at our fabulous pool enjoying very warm spring break weather.

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