Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Name

As you may have noticed, I changed the title of the blog. You may be familiar with the Ranch, but you might not know the Cave yet.
Well...meet the Cave.
We are not complaining. We are not complaining about the electricity savings. We are not complaining about the sleep-potential. We are not even arguing the merits of being on the first floor vs. stairs.
We are merely stating that our new home lacks direct sunlight.
Thereby, we discover differences between Man and Wife. Wife likes LOTS of sunlight. Husband likes privacy. Therein, we discover Man and Wife sanctification. Wife does not care about people seeing her eat dinner. Wife likes to watch other people. Husband likes to only watch people on the TV.
We had finally resolved the shade opening and closing at the Ranch to a system.
We are now relearning our system as most of our exterior windows face a courtyard wherein we can see the pool and the sand volleyball court. Now we are in process of deciding which windows can be unveiled how much and when during the day and when during the evening and when during the morning. I'll let you know so you can Google Earth us, Dad :)


Rachel said...

I understand the whole window thing... at our last place we were on the first floor that faced out into the courtyard. I was definitely more of the people watcher and Jeremy was more aware that the people were watching us! Not to mention that it is awkward to use your "balcony" when that involves sitting about 2 feet from where people are walking by. We did see some fun things though like the crazy lady yelling hysterically at 9 pm at some big dog that she thought was going to eat her little dog when the big dog was nowhere near her and just sniffing the grass.

p.s. i like your fuzzy greenish brown (?) couch with the fun pillows.

Carrie said...

Ah, nothing like moving into a new home to sanctify your marriage! :~)

Janelle said...

You guys are so cute :-) I love your "cave"