Tuesday, March 06, 2007


We had a wonderful weekend with my parents, enjoying much needed rest for all. We stayed local most of the weekend. (Travis' favorite answer all weekend was to the question, "How far away is it?" saying, "About 5 minutes!-- we are so enjoying being close to everything.) We only strayed into Scottsdale once to go hiking at Camelback Mountain. My dad was very generous, allowing me a continued break from cooking by taking us out for many meals. We paid a necessary homage to Cyclo, our favorite local Vietnamese restaurant, now a tradition whenever they come into town. Another highlight was sitting by the pool in warmer temperatures and relaxing poolside together. My mom and I were also given another little gift by being excused from the Phoenix Sun's game on Sunday to get in a little girl time. It's never enough. We miss the everyday things we could do together, but she's promised to come back herself in May and then again in August. I can't wait! Their visit was perfect-- a respite for me from working and to recover from our move as well as a relaxing time to enjoy fellowship and share our lives with my parents. We can't wait until they come back!

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Anonymous said...

We had such a wonderful time....love, Dad

PS....keep that pool and hot tub ready, and Travis....did you swim your laps today?

PPS.....next time, all the way up Camelback, and to church on time!