Monday, September 03, 2007

PheNAMenal times

We have been busy here in Arizona... helping the Nams move into their new and almost improved Phoenix house. I felt like I was moving in all over again-- the endless shopping, endless boxes, and endless cleaning :) What a joy to welcome them into our lives here! They hosted us for their first dinner party-- I made Deep-Dish Pizza (the oven is one of two appliances in order) and we had an incredible Italian salad. The Nams are great friends that are just as close as family; Travis' family stayed with them during our wedding week-- you can see their house in all the pre-wedding photos! We both feel that we now have three families to divide our time between because of their care, their friendship and the openness with which they share their lives. We'll take some photos once the kitchen is is the last frontier-- we are waiting for the granite to be fabricated...

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