Sunday, September 23, 2007


As you have previously read, I actually made some beef. This time we didn't burn the steak either. I actually enjoyed it too. But I have a confession to make. I didn't just "pick it up" at the grocery store. Travis has the Nam's to thank for the extra steak leftovers. Ashley is without a functional kitchen still (only two more days!!) so they came over to do some cooking on Friday night, bringing with them their entourage as well as goodies. My fridge is stuffed! I've spent the weekend trying to cram other things into it (it coincided with my food co-op weekend).
We feasted on steak and, according to Chuck, something he couldn't resist: crab legs. So today my goal is to take the remaining crabmeat and make something delicious with leftovers. Since it isn't Maryland crabmeat, and more of the Alaskan sort, I can't make I will foray into the unknown again.
One of our highlights has been getting to know the Nam's children. Friday night, it was so fun to watch Mattie light up when she tells a story. She is small and typically quiet;but when she has a story to tell, she is incredibly animated. Must be all that sugar and sweetness coming out :)

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