Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Update: Week 34

Only 42 days left...Maybe more, maybe less.
According to the full moon schedule, it may be as early as the 18th of June; but Gigi doesn't come until the morning of the 19th, so we'll hold off for her :) But the uterus is measuring small (no suprise if you've seen my belly) so we apparently need to get another ultrasound, unless I can convinced them otherwise. Not that I don't want to see my baby, but they think because the baby is in the 30th percentile for size, that they need to confirm that the placenta is sufficient. The legs are still 2 weeks longer than the rest of it's body, so that makes me think I'm going to get a very long and skinny child coming out of me :) No suprises there given its familial genetics.
A funny quote from childbirth class last night.
Travis leaned over last night and said, "Babe, I should teach this class". I raised my eyebrows. He continued, "An epidural is medicine between the 'epi' and the 'dural' space". Rocket science. My husband and I must look like goofy school kids, laughing our heads off and holding hands.

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Diane said...

I am imaging your baby to be like Janelle was. Very long legs and skinny, but oh so cute!!