Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Baby Update: Week 33

Veni Vidi Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. At least, we think we did.

Our first childbirth preparation class began last night at 6pm. Travis and I walked over after I got off work to a room full of eager parents--waddling mothers in all their glory and nervous first-time fathers sat in a circle before our instructor began. We mingled, we listened, we asked questions. We even "practiced" breathing patterns to get through contractions. Travis would hold up his fingers one at a time and we did the traditional "He He Who" together. Reality sinks in. We are actually going to do THIS.

The class was an eclectic mix- there were three teenage couples and the majority probably in their early thirties. The question loomed in my mind, "Are we old enough to distance ourselves from highschool and relate more closely with the thirty year olds?" This discussion about age keeps coming up. Apparently the average age for a first-time home buyer is 31. That gives us a little more breathing room. We can be tempted to feel "behind" when most of our friends are already homeowners at a young age. But when you look at the couple with teenage acne attending childbirth class together, we are certainly grateful that God has given us enough time in his perfect plan to be ready for this child at this particular age.

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