Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It takes a Village

A "bedtime" story.
Mommy asked Daddy to put up the crib.
Daddy opened the box and began arranging parts.
Mommy was also cranky. She was tired. She wanted to sleep after a day of moving. She wanted Daddy to go to bed with her (he is her extra back pillow). Daddy wanted to assemble the crib so he could be done with it and golf on Monday.

An hour later:
"Is that the right way???"
Another hour later:
"That wasn't right either"
"The directions are not very clear. At all. They must have been written in China."
A few minutes later:
"Why don't we just assemble the drawer?"
Another ten minutes later:
"That part is broken."
Mommy gets more cranky.
She says to Daddy: "Can you please do this tommorrow??"
Daddy relents and serves Mommy.

Next day:
Daddy tries again after church.
Daddy asks Mommy to help.
Mommy gets cranky. Again.
She goes and makes mushroom ragout. She waits for dinner club friends to arrive. She sends Daddy's friends in to help.
Less than two hours, three master's degrees follow three pages of directions and finish.Thank goodness for friends.


Meeks said...

Awww that is so cute. These are the days that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Such exciting times, preparing for this new little one that will change everything as you know it. So sweet. Thank you so much for blogging these moments, it brings back such great memories for me! Love you! ~Mieke Oh, check out our new blog! Natale Times!

Janelle Shank said...

lol! that is so great! i love seeing and hearing about your bonding times with your dinner club :) it also cracks me up how trav's eyes are almost as blue as the paint in the room! the first pick especially! hmm...i wonder what the baby will have...brown or blue...