Monday, May 26, 2008

Home Again...

You might have noticed that the title changed...again.
We've moved!
It is our fourth move together.
It was Travis' fifteenth move in his life. I am generously behind that with seven now under my belt.
The adventure continues.

Where are we? We are home sharing and house-sitting with our wonderful friends, the Nams in North Mesa, another corner of Phoenix we have yet to explore. The family generously gave up space so we could have two of their five bedrooms for a "Summer Suite".
The changes.
Losses: Leaving Travis' family and all that entails-- things like a separate A/C unit, for which we thank Connor for enduring my sub-polar pregnancy temperatures. We will miss our "hot sauce" men-- their love of Mexican food and BBQ sauce was seemingly bottomless. I will miss the companionship of Travis' mother, nana and sister-- especially on talking walks and I will never forgot their help through my pregnancy by lightening my load and giving me time for my husband during an incredibly busy season of life.

Gains: Loving the Nams and gaining time together as a couple. Travis will cut his commute to work and school enormously. We will also have space for a baby room as well as the "calvary" when they report for baby duty as the Nam's travel to Maryland for a month. We can't wait to benefit from their friendship as we already have this past year. We anticipate more times of golf, fellowship, food and learning all the Asian ways!

More update tommorrow....

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